How to Use Your Vaporizer to Enhance Your Vaping Experience

One of the best methods to produce quality e-liquid is by using a liquidizer. These devices are designed to mix liquids directly into their bases. The following are five reasons why I personally prefer to use liquidizers instead of other vapes.

The Composition of the Traditional Microwave Oven

The traditional microwave oven is not the right temperature to mix your e-liquid. The microwave can destroy important vitamins and minerals in your e-liquid while heating it. While it’s nice to be able to mix at a set temperature, microwaves are not the best way to heat liquid for a proper vaping process. Because of this, I always recommend trying to mix directly in a glass jar or other sort of thermal insulation to allow for a proper mixing temperature.

Why Traditional Vaporizer is Hot to Mix

Many E Liquids are very delicate and require a cold room to mix in. A traditional vaporizer is just too hot to mix on the stovetop. The heat generated by the stovetop can destroy important vitamins and minerals in your e liquid while heating it. Because of this, I always recommend trying to mix directly in a glass jar or other sort of thermal insulation to allow for a proper mixing temperature. If you’re serious about making quality e liquid, this should be a major consideration.

While not directly related to the temperature issue, some people might find a direct heat generated by the microwave oven unfavorable. For these people, the liquidizer makes a perfect option. Instead of needing to wait for the wax liquidizer kit to heat up to the proper liquidating temperature, as described above, you can mix directly in your jars. This eliminates having to preheat the jar in order to mix your liquid properly, and the resulting flavor will be far superior to what you would get from a traditional oven or microwave.

Another option that might be considered for mixing your own liquid is using a shot glass. You would need two mugs in order to heat the liquid up to the proper liquidizing temperature. After adding the liquid, you would simply swirl the contents around until they have totally dissolved. You would repeat this process until you have a layer of thick foam on top. This is a nice way to add flavor to your e liquid, but it is also a problem because you would need to constantly keep the glasses filled with cold liquid.

The final option, I will discuss is the concept of an infusion mist. This concept is a little more involved, but not overly so. Instead of using two mugs, you would need three mugs – one for mixing, one for freezing, and one for serving. With the microwave, you can easily take a shot glass, put it in the microwave for a short burst, and then pour your concentrated juice and ice into the mug that contains the shot glass.

One thing that you will definitely want to keep in mind about these Sour Diesel Terpene Liquidizer is that they are very easy to break. The reason for this is that the inner core is very shallow. When you place the blender inside the bottle, the juice expands. If you try to fill the container with juice when it is still too cold, the tendency is for the juice to collapse. This is why it is critical to place your liquids inside the bottle very carefully – with a little bit of room at the top to allow for expansion when it reaches its boiling point.

As you can see, there are some simple things that you can do to make the most out of a liquidizer. There are some great things that you can do with your e-juice, such as giving it a shot if you are feeling creative or spraying it with your preferred flavor if you want to create a more consistent taste. Make sure that you take a moment to consider how your liquidizer is working with your juice and give it a chance to do things to your advantage. By doing this, you will be able to create a better e-juice – one that you will enjoy and be able to drink for as long as you like!