The King: Ruling Your Globe!

You arrived in Royalty

Obtaining Splendor, glory and Honour

You exhibit wisdom and manifest Know-how

You don’t struggle in Life

For Success and Excellence are within your Spirit

You have already been endowed with an Brilliant heritage…

You have already been introduced into a sizable Place

Of irreversible and irresistible dominion

You manifest the Lifetime of God your Father;

You will be Caring, Loving and Practical

Nevertheless the globe show wickedness, malice and hatred

The Spirit in the Lord Lives in You…

He delivers for you all you require for all times And godliness.

You are a blessing and a blesser of Adult males

You might be definitely unstoppable.

4 many years ago you arrived at the Scene

Creating us joyful mom and dad of a Royalty

It has been from glory to glory

Your wisdom is large

Your affection so tangible

Your sweet smile so infectious

Your magnificence so enchanting

You do have a divine mandate

To shine forth your mild for all to discover

And give God glory in your behalf

You’re fulfilling this mandate

You reside a happy and prosperous lifetime

Thereby producing God pleased and fired up

You never ever consider issues for granted

Generally grateful for small mercies and little favours

Your flair for that Gospel

Thrills me no stop

You will be God’s ideal development

His exceptional handiwork

You haven’t recognized any demeaning or

Defaming description

You don’t pay attention to “damaging words”

You may have the proper notion within your temperament

You might be superbly crafted,

Marvelously and excellently made

To rule your entire world and technology

You don’t question your id

You sure know your inheritance

You usually always make use of your capabilities very well

You’re a success for life.

Your Caring Mind-set

Your Loving mother nature

Is manifested in just how you look after Your child brother: Edwald

You actually make parenting simpler for us.

You very carefully chose your part types and mentors

They can be all recreated spirited beings

This tells me your victory is inevitable

Plus the curse from the law is broken over you

No Spoken Term is effective towards you

Your moves are calculated and

Transfer Mountains

You ensure perfection with your operate

Usually shunning and eschewing mundanity

You’re a function model

For your friends and mates

Daily profitable for Many others with all your Grande Life-style and strides…

You reign, rule and are in-charge

That you are The brand new Gentleman in Christ

You are classified as the Tremendous Getting accomplishing

Extraordinary feats

You would be the KING called to RULE Your Environment!

Copyright, Agu Jacchynma

Agu, Jaachynma N.E. is a successful, dynamic, prolific and Most effective-marketing creator.

She is definitely the Writer of Greatest-Advertising E-book: Possibility It, Be Distinct, out there at